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8-Fundamentals For Property Investing

Here are 8-Fundamentals to remember when you want to learn how to get into property investments A Team Sport Property investing is a “team sport”. If you try to do everything yourself, you will soon find that you might not have sufficient detailed knowledge and you also might run out of time. So involve the


Do You Know What You Are Doing? You can earn good money in property if you do things right with the relevant knowledge and even with not so much experience. Unfortunately, traditional schools do not usually teach how to run a business, how to invest (be it property, stocks or otherwise), or how to manage

Is Debt Good Or Bad?

Hi, this is Jochen Siepmann, the author of The Property Apprentice; How To Earn While You Learn. In today's episode, I'll be talking about debt. This credit goes to Robert Kiyosaki who has been teaching this many years but would also like to convey this message to you. I would like to give credit to

Keep The Income Or Sell For Profit? – Jochen Siepmann

Every single day we all have to make many decisions, some of them small and some of them big. Success coach Anthony Robbins said that even not making a decision is also a decision.  In the case of property investing, we will have to decide for each property in our portfolio whether we want to