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A common misconception is that property investment is expensive

Watch Jochen as he tackles one of the biggest misconceptions about property investment. He explains that you are wrong if you think property investment is expensive. There are many different ways to buy a property without using your very own money like leveraging on other people’s money, most common would be the bank. Watch the

Increasing Your Profits

Want to learn how you can make your business more successful? Learn the secrets in increasing your profits from watching this video. Author Jochen Siepmann will teach you a few things in making your business flourish by increasing your profits. You have to take action so you can see improvement in your business. Learn what

Strategies part 2

In relation to the passive income strategies from the previous post, here is another set of strategies that you can use for your property investment. Active Strategies You can deploy active strategies either after you have sufficient passive income available to enhance your cash position or in order to generate cash that can be used


What Are Strategies To Achieve Your Goals? Strategies are ways you can achieve your goals. In many situations, there are multiple ways to achieve a goal available and the same is true in property investing. I will be introducing you to some of the common strategies. It is your task then to identify those that