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Acquiring Property Part 2

Important Calculations There are a few numbers that are important in your investing journey and you need to calculate, to compare investments against each other to enable you to select the best ones. Equity: Equity is the difference between the current market value of a property less the liabilities you have against it. Net worth:

Acquiring Property Part 1

Putting Your Strategies Into Action Your strategies can only yield results when you put them into action. Now that you think like an investor, have understood the fundamentals of property investing, got your team together, and have defined your strategies, it is time to get you real results. Getting results can only be achieved by

Interview With Jochen

Get a brief insight of who Jochen Siepmann is and what he does from this short video. In this short video, you can learn what he can do for you and your finances. He can help you with your finances by sharing the secret to generating passive income through property investment. Learn how you can get in touch

The BEST investment you can make is…

In this video Jochen challenges you and asks a question what you think is the best investment. He continues by saying that the best investment you can make is an investment to yourself. Information is potential power that turns into real power if you make something out of it. If you made a decision not

No Emotions When Investing

In this video Jochen talks about the proper mindset to determine your success as a property investor or for any other investing activity you might encounter. Jochen will teach you the factors to achieve a perfect mindset for investing. He states that the first thing you need is your love to make money. On the