Monthly Archives: May 2016

Power Of Leverage

Get the right edge in property investment by learning how to use leverage and compounding. Let Jochen Siepmann tell you the wonders that these two concepts hold and why he considers them as his best friends. In addition, he will elaborate as to why it is necessary for you to get leverage for your property

Interest Only Mortgages

You may be wondering what are interest only mortgages and why should you get one for your property investment. Author Jochen Siepmann is here to give you the answers. He will explain the difference between a normal mortgage and an interest only mortgage. An interest only mortgage has a greater advantage of giving you more

Equity Release

If you think that not having enough money to invest is a good reason to not try property investment, then you are wrong. Let author Jochen Siepmann educate you about equity release and how you can start investing in properties with a small amount of money. In the beginning, you might think that it is

3 Things To Be Successful

Want to learn how you can become a successful property investor? Learn the secrets of success from watching this video. Author Jochen Siepmann will share with you the secrets of becoming a success. In property investing, you need three things to achieve success: Knowledge, Opportunity, and Taking Action. Watch the full video so you, too,