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Mindset And Psychology Of Investors

“Until you can manage your mind, do not expect to manage money.” —Warren Buffet Mindset Matters Most This is the most important concept. Warren is correct, that without the right mindset it would be difficult to become a successful investor. Whether you listen to financial traders, trainers, or successful entrepreneurs, they all say the same

Important Calculations

There are a few numbers that are important in your investing journey and you need to calculate (it’s easy!), to compare investments against each other to enable you to select the best ones. Those are equity, net worth, cash flow, Return on Investment (RoI), yield, and gearing ratio. Those numbers tell you which investment you

Is My Investment Secure?

Security is naturally one of the most important aspects that each investor is concerned with. And if done correctly, property is one of the most secure investments you can make. Property can guard us against inflation. In many markets, property prices will invariably rise over time, though of course at different speeds and not all

Who Is Responsible?

Stirring away for a moment from the usual topics of his videos, Jochen Siepmann tells you who is responsible for creating your financial future and personal destiny. Of course, the answer is obvious: It’s YOU! Stop making excuses for yourself and take action. You cannot blame other people if you keep on running away from