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How To Let Other People Pay For Your Investment

Now doesn’t THAT sound great? You invest and earn, other people pay for it. That is one of the other key advantages property has over most other forms of investments. Let me explain. The Greek scientist and astronomer Archimedes is quoted as having said: “Give me a lever long enough, a fulcrum strong enough and

Portfolio – What Portfolio?

In the financial world the term portfolio generally refers to an aggregation of assets (and liabilities) an investor holds across different asset classes. If your bank sends you your Portfolio Statement, it might contain information on your savings accounts, term deposits, share, bond, mutual funds, and structured products investments. Those are financial assets in your

Discover How To Get Passive Income

Jochen Siepmann has the honor of becoming a guest of Entrepreneur Stories podcast episode 83. In this episode, we get a glimpse of Jochen’s beginnings in becoming a property investor. We hear an interesting fact about him like the different jobs that he had before becoming a property investment trainer. He also talks about what

Secrets and Factors of a Successful Investor

Author, speaker Jochen Siepmann was invited to be a guest in Enterprise Radio a part of Entrepreneur Podcast Network to share is ideas on the Secrets and Factors of a Successful Investor. Jochen answers question like “What is the biggest obstacle that many people face when thinking about an investment into property?” In his experience

Is Debt Good Or Bad?

In many cultures and countries, society perceives people who are in debt negatively. Is this justified? Is being in debt really bad? It certainly can be a bad thing, if for example, somebody is so much in debt that he cannot meet his payment obligations anymore. But debt can be good, too! Many years ago

Location, Location, Location

You might have heard before that the three most important factors for selection of a property are location, location, and location. Why is that so? Because a property in an excellent location will be easier to rent out, easier to sell, fetch a higher rental income and sales price, and appreciate faster over time. Plus,