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Do You Know What You Are Doing? It’s needless to say just how critical it is that you know what you are doing if you are running a business, performing a job, or playing sports. The same applies for property investing. You can earn good money in property if you do things right with the

What Challenges Might I Face?

Apart from managing your emotions there will be some other psychological challenges that you might face as a property investor. For example: Keeping your discipline to stick to your plan Staying motivated to do more deals Complacency setting in Having to get out of your comfort zone Staying positive when things go wrong and finding

  • How does BREXIT affect the people in property investment?

How does BREXIT affect the people in property investment?

One of the latest topics that people are talking about these days is about BREXIT: Britain’s exit from the European Union. How does BREXIT affect the people in property investment? This event gives property investors great opportunities. If you want to learn more about these opportunities, please watch my full video. I’ll talk about the

  • It’s All In Your Mind - Jochen Siepman

It’s All In Your Mind

Getting into the field of property investment, your mindset plays a very important role. You need to think like a successful person in order to gain success. Psychology tells us that the way we think, feel, and act is as unique to each human being as their fingerprint. No two people are the same. How

Why Invest In Property

Common Misconceptions About Property Before we even get started, let me share with you two of the biggest misconceptions that the vast majority of people have about investing in property: You need to have a lot of money It’s risky There are many more, but in my journey of more than two decades in property