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Active Strategies

You can deploy active strategies either after you have sufficient passive income available to enhance your cash position or in order to generate cash that can be used as your own capital or down payment in any of the passive income strategies. As the name suggests, for those strategies you need to be more active

What Are Strategies To Achieve Your Goals?

Strategies are ways you can achieve your goals. In many situations, there are multiple ways to achieve a goal available and the same is true in property investing. I will be introducing you to some of the common strategies. It is your task then to identify those that work best for your individual situation. It

When Is The Best Time To Buy?

The best time to buy property was many years ago when prices were much lower. The second best time is NOW! You obviously can’t buy property in the past, but there is also no need to wait for the future, when there are always so many opportunities in the present. All you need to do