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Financing Your Property Pt.1

There are ways you can finance your property even with a small capital beginning with asking for a mortgage/bank loan. Mortgages/Bank Loans Asking a bank or similar financial institution to pay for your property purchase is the most well-known and often used option. It is typically also one of the cheapest solutions available. In Singapore

The Buying Process

Now that you are ready to buy your property, you might be asking how to start. How does the process work? The answer is it might vary depending on which country you buy the property in, which type of property you are buying and whether you buy it from a seller, developer, or at auction.

Important Calculations

There are a few numbers that are important in your investing journey and you need to calculate (it’s easy!), to compare investments against each other to enable you to select the best ones. Those are equity, net worth, cash flow, Return on Investment (RoI), yield, and gearing ratio. Those numbers tell you which investment you

Acquiring Property

Putting Your Strategies Into Action Your strategies can only yield results when you put them into action. Nobody ever got rich by just thinking about it. Now that you think like an investor, have understood the fundamentals of property investing, got your team together, and have defined your strategies, it is time to get you