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Sourcing – More Than Only Newspaper

Sourcing is an essential step in finding the right property investment for you. Newspaper has been the traditional source and is still being used up to this day. However, you must keep in mind that there are other resources you can check out especially with the new technologies that are being used today. Jochen explains

Exit Strategies – Why You Need More Than One

Exit Strategy is how are you gonna get out of your property or what are you gonna do with it if you keep it. You have to think of your exit strategies before you buy a property. As a professional investor, you need to have at least two exit strategies for each property investment you

Do No-Money-Down Deals Really Exist?

No-money-down deals do exist and are totally legitimate. It does not mean that the seller does not get any money, but it simply means that you don’t have to invest any of your own capital, instead you leverage on time and other people’s money. There are various ways how you can achieve that. If you

Financing Your Property Pt.2

Aside from asking for mortgage/bank loan, here are other ways you can finance your property. Equity Release Equity release is an essential component of financing for any property investor. This simply means that some time after you have bought and financed your property, you can pull out some of the equity that you have built