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Who Looks After Your Properties?

That is one of the key questions when we talk about management of your properties. As in many other cases, there is no single correct answer. If you have started with only one property that is close to where you live, you can probably manage it yourself. If you have built up a large

Clearing Debt

There might be many valid reasons why you might want to reduce your gearing ratio; whether it is a change in your family situation, retirement, or the economy. We cannot predict how much that will be, but let’s assume that over time the value of your properties double (whether it takes 7, 10, or 12

Why Money Management Is Important

Money management is not only important in property investing but in every aspect of everything you do daily. As a professional property investment, you need to manage not only your properties but also the finance around it. No matter how much you did your homework and due diligence, you may still encounter a void