Author, speaker Jochen Siepmann was invited to be a guest in Enterprise Radio a part of Entrepreneur Podcast Network to share is ideas on the Secrets and Factors of a Successful Investor. Jochen answers question like “What is the biggest obstacle that many people face when thinking about an investment into property?” In his experience as a property investor and trainer, he mentions that the two obstacles are finances and the risk. People think that they don’t have the money to start investing in property. If they do have the money, they don’t want to delve into property investing because of the accompanied risks. In order for people to get over these obstacles, Jochen teach classes and seminars about investment properties.

In answering the question of “What are the main factor successes that people should know about in order to become a successful investor and how can they get started?”, Jochen gave three answers that everyone should remember: Mentor, method, and mindset. You need a mentor who has the important and useful knowledge about property investing. There are a lot of methods out there you can use in property investing but not all of them will work well with you. It is best to find the method that works with you so you can achieve success. Lastly, having a great mentor and property investment methods if you don’t have the right mindset.

Lastly, Jochen gives us an insight on how he is different from other property investment trainers. Unlike other trainers who will only be with you in the beginning of your journey in property investment, Jochen will guide you all the way until you can stand on your own. In addition, he will also train you to get passive income.

To learn more, please listen to the full podcast HERE.


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