Hi, this is Jochen Siepmann, the author of The Property Apprentice; How To Earn While You Learn.

Today, I want to ask you, what is the best investment you can possibly make? Some of you might have thought, stocks, options or property and all these can be good investments. But the absolutely best investment you can make is in yourself, in your education. Getting knowledge, we live in the information age as you surely know. Information is potential power if you make something out of it. But if you don’t know or in words, half knowledge, you can lose a lot of money in your investments. Because they go down, they don’t go the way you expected. You didn’t do your market research because you don’t know. But if you know, that is, so valuable for you and if you learn and keep learning, you keep growing. You keep getting better. And so many people say that, keep learning. There are so many ways how you can learn – online, classroom, reading books, brainstorming. Everyday you can learn a little bit more and even if you could take only five minutes everyday. After a year or so, you are going to be an expert in your field.

What is the best way to keep learning? To teach. That is why I love teaching because my students challenge me. Nobody knows everything but if there is something I don’t know, then I get motivated to learn more, to research, and to find out. If you don’t have much adequate knowledge yet in property investing, please buy my book, subscribe to my youtube channel or blog on my website. If you can visit my events, there are absolutely phenomenal. You can learn alot and this knowledge is gonna help you to turn into a money making.


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