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  • If you want to provide the very brightest future for your children, whether they’re toddlers, teens, or young adults . . .
  • If you worry about having enough wealth to live a worry-free, adventure-filled life after you retire . . .
  • If you love your profession, but you’d just like to bring in more cash – and who doesn’t want that? – so you are in control of your spending and your saving . . .

. . . Then invest in yourself for just two days’ time at Jochen Siepmann’s The Property Apprentice Training Course, and you’ll walk away with all the knowledge you need to create all the wealth you desire!

When you spend your Saturday and Sunday in The Property Apprentice Training Course, what might have been just-another-weekend could end up being the most profitable two days of your life!

Jochen ensures that his property apprentices are armed with the knowledge and practical property investment tools that most investors spend many years and countless dollars to acquire (and then keep that information all to themselves!)

In The Property Apprentice Training Course, you’ll learn all of the fundamentals of property investment, as well as insiders’ secrets. Even the most seasoned property investing pros can gain invaluable knowledge by spending a weekend with Jochen Siepmann:

  • What only the best investors know about which lucrative opportunities to seize – and which property pitfalls to avoid
  • The Property Apprentice mindset: Thinking like a mega-successful investor
  • Tips for building your wealth through property – even if you only have a little time and money to invest
  • How to find, analyze, and evaluate properties, so you’ll make only the most profitable investments
  • Essential considerations to get the best financing and property management
  • . . .  and so much more!

If you’re ready to see how one rewarding weekend can turn into the financial future you’ve always wanted, Jochen is ready to make you his Property Apprentice – Sign up for The Property Apprentice Training Course, now!

“An excellent course with a broad range of topics that will give a good understanding for anyone to get started in property investing”
– Omar Singh

More On The Property Apprentice Course

The Property Apprentice Training Course Overview

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone contemplating on property investment, especially as a novice”
– Dr Lim Teck Chin

Here are the top 10-reasons people just like you are taking The Property Apprentice Training Course.

  • Have experienced a mindset shift
  • Feel a true desire to become financially free, but know they need help
  • Saves them a steep learning curve and avoids costly mistakes
  • Learn from the best and have the right mentor
  • Realize the great potential of mastering different strategies and financing options
  • Leverage on my huge experience and expertise
  • Understand the benefit of a repeatable, predictable and profitable process
  • Learn how to scale up and not get stuck after the 1st property
  • Network with fellow property investors
  • Are serious to build up their passive income and secure their financial future

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Here Is What People Are Saying……

The Property Apprentice reveals proven moves to create, leverage and sustain passive income—potentially empowering you with the money you require for early retirement, taking care of your family, and doing precisely what inspires you.”

—JoeL BaUer, United States of America Author, Speaker & Mentor
“Jochen Siepmann’s writing of this book shows good timing as it teaches relevant knowledge on how one can protect and hedge hard-earned money in the property markets. I like the content of this book because it is practical; the strategies are applicable and easy to understand, both by laymen readers and those who are experienced investors like myself. a must-read.”

—Bellum Tan, Singapore Founder of Richdad Asia
The Property Apprentice by Jochen Siepmann is an excellent beginner’s guide to property investing. Jochen literally takes you by the hand and demystifies the principles of property investing using plain non-technical language. he also offers a wealth of simple and profitable strategies you can implement (with little effort) to help transform you into a profitable property investor. A well-written book that is a joy to read and easy to understand. Well done Jochen!”

—Fabian Lim, Singapore Founder & Group CEO
“Jochen Siepmann from beginning to end covers all the necessary bases for someone to be a successful property investor. This book is a great guide for wealth creation using property as your focal point. I could have used some of this advice 40 years ago to make my fortune had it been available then. Great job!”

—Chuck Mellon, United States of America Multi-millionair investor and former Wall Street Executive
“As a journalist and professional editor for more than 30 years, several hundreds of books have landed on my desk for review or editing. The topic of many of those books was how to invest in property. The Property Apprentice by Jochen Siepmann is, by far, the best book I have ever read on the topic.

“Jochen has written this book in a very easy-to-understand format. he offers very sensible advice and great tips on the pros and cons of investing. I never once found myself trying to understand unfamiliar terms or phrases, which are found far too often in similar books.

“It’s rare for me to ever offer an endorsement for a book. However, I truly feel this book could help many people improve their financial situations, and thus, I wanted to give two giant thumbs up to Jochen’s work.

“Now that I have read this book, I will never again look at a ‘For Sale’ sign in the same light. Who knows, I might be trading in my keyboard for a set of keys to new property!”

—Wendy Gallagher, Canada Editor, The Latin America Report

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